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Chronic Condition News
Carbs Count When Managing Diabetes
Making smart choices about what you eat and drink is important for managing diabetes. Counting carbohydrates (“carbs”) is one way to do that.
Eat This, Not That to Manage Your Chronic Disease
Eating a healthy diet helps you take charge of your health when you have a chronic condition. The food choices you make can have a huge effect on how you feel, for better or worse.
Get Moving to Control Your Blood Sugar
Whether you want to prevent diabetes or manage it better, it’s best to keep active.
When a Chronic Disease Runs in Your Family
Even if you have a family history of a chronic condition, you can lower your risk by making smart lifestyle changes and getting screenings.
Get Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis Sooner, Not Later
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a disease in which your immune system attacks your own joints by mistake. It can start at any age, but the risk is highest in your 60s.
PTSD Can Happen to Anyone
PTSD occurs when you experience trauma and continue to feel its effects long after the incident took place.
Good Night, Sleep Tight—And Symptom-Free
Many people with asthma report problems at night, from coughing to wheezing. For better sleep, it's important to control your symptoms.
Could These Natural Allergy Remedies Be Right For You?
Here is information on 3 supplements that may help bring allergy relief.
Should You Use an App to Manage Your Diabetes?
An increasing array of smartphone apps for diabetes promises to help you keep tabs on your blood sugar readings and improve your health.
Bone Up on Your Knowledge of Paget Disease
Paget disease is a chronic bone disorder that causes bone to rebuild at an accelerated rate. The new bone has an abnormal structure and is often soft, weak, and may be much larger than normal.
Breathe Easier with This Information About COPD
If you recently found out that you have COPD, you probably have lots of questions about treating it. Different treatments work for different people, so discuss with your doctor which ones may be best for you.
Making “Cents” of High Blood Pressure
A new study found that people with high blood pressure rack up about $2,000 more in yearly health care expenses compared with those without the condition.