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Holiday Traditions that Bring on Heartburn

Think about your favorite holiday traditions. Is heartburn on that list? Probably not.

Unfortunately, some holiday traditions can be an open invitation for heartburn to crash the party. Avoid them this year and start new traditions to ban heartburn:


The post-turkey nap: Lying down after a big meal can bring on heartburn.

The new tradition: Delay lying down at least two to three hours after eating by breaking out your favorite board games. That way, you can sit upright while you digest. When you do head to bed, prop up your pillows to help with digestion.


The sparkling toasts: Both alcohol and carbonated drinks can bring on acid reflux.

The new tradition: Brew a batch of special holiday tea or nonalcoholic spiced cider to replace champagne, wine, or beer.


The tasty treats: Candy canes may taste like the holidays, but peppermint can irritate acid reflux. So can chocolate.

The new tradition: Try low-fat dessert options like frozen yogurt, baked apples, and angel food cake.


The holiday wardrobe: You want to look your best at parties, but tight clothing adds extra pressure to your waistline.

The new tradition: Wear looser, more comfortable clothes—but don’t take that as a sign to overeat.


The seasonal stress: Stress can lead to heartburn or worsen symptoms.

The new tradition: Set aside time for yourself during the busy season to relax. Try yoga or meditation.


The delayed resolutions: Your resolutions can help heartburn now.

The new tradition: Don’t wait until the new year to make changes. Quitting smoking and losing weight can help heartburn symptoms.









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